eulogy for my mother

                                   Last week was the third anniversary of my Mom’s death, and I pulled out the eulogy I wrote for her.  I’d like to share it — and a little bit of us — with you here: When Mom spent time outside in the […]

in honor of immigrants

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and so I offer this poem I wrote in honor of those who fled Ireland during difficult times and through dangerous passage.  Though specifics change over time and place, still immigrants everywhere continue to suffer. My Great-Grandparents’ Ride It’s all forgotten now, you know. The coffin ships, The […]

joy in this advent world of ours

Last year as a student pastor, I was scheduled to preach the third Sunday of Advent. I prepared a sermon for children and adults alike. But then there was the horror of the shootings at Newtown. How to preach Joy in the midst of that pain? And how do we ever preach Joy in our […]

a playground blessing

(This is a playground blessing I wrote and set to rhyme. I offered it at the opening of the rejuvenated playground on the grounds of the Jackson Community Church UCC, Jackson, NH) Children are our wisest guides Jesus tells us to be like them. They play on swings like this and slide so smooth, so […]

do you write in your bible?

I don’t write in my Bible anymore. I used to do it all the time. But I kept running out of room in the margins. There’s such a conversation going over time that even cryptic notes are too much for the slim margin space. Oh, and don’t start about the bigger spaces at the end […]

summer invitation

I’d stayed inside watching rain pelt roof, porch, and driveway; boisterous grand proclamation of instant baptism. As wet as any immersion ever could be, this sacred rite by cumulonimbus sprinkling. Off the edge of the porch the river is glass – fresh water floating atop briny base, still yet fluid image – reflecting this river’s […]

you shall be like a watered garden

In the summer, few flowers are as satisfying to me as bright yellow Marguerites. Each flower has a bright orange center, surrounded by lots of yellow petals. Really, they look like yellow daisies, but the petals are a little shorter. I love to put three Marguerites in a big pot in the spring, and they […]