a playground blessing

girls on swingset (This is a playground blessing I wrote and set to rhyme. I offered it at the opening of the rejuvenated playground on the grounds of the Jackson Community Church UCC, Jackson, NH)
Children are our wisest guides
Jesus tells us to be like them.
They play on swings like this and slide
so smooth, so fast, in fun!

This playground we’ve built for play and joy,
growth in skill and heart and grace.
Adults and children will come here to play;
Imagination’s alive in this place!

Let all children play here gleefully;
Let their parents find friends alongside.
For we know our brother Jesus
Was a child once like you and I.

And as he grew and strengthened
He went out to tell the world
Of the love God has for all of us
And especially for the child.

Childlike wonder opens all our hearts,
we should never set it aside.
The greatest thoughts in grown-ups’ minds
spring from creativity deep inside.

So step in now and then, big people!
And ride the swing or slide!
Close your eyes and feel the rush of breeze
as you climb toward the sky.

And may your teeter never totter;
may your swings reach to the sky!
May you slide in sweet exuberance
as you run and jump and fly.

And remember imagination
starts with time aside to play;
Our children, they can teach us this.
Bless all who play here every day!

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