you shall be like a watered garden

In the summer, few flowers are as satisfying to me as bright yellow Marguerites. Each flower has a bright orange center, surrounded by lots of yellow petals. Really, they look like yellow daisies, but the petals are a little shorter. I love to put three Marguerites in a big pot in the spring, and they […]

awakened quaking aspen

Some hot August day I will think of the moment when the Quaking Aspen leaves unrolled so suddenly. Unborn a week ago, now awakened green hearts dance joyfully above me in the wild spring gale, gripping mightily their link to earth. But some hot August day, when the gales have spent themselves and the air […]

divine outrage and fiery faith

A few weeks ago on July 22, there was a new baby in the world that everyone was buzzing about. Crowds waited expectantly for word of the baby’s birth, and finally, there he was! A baby boy, heir to the throne of England! So many people followed the story of Kate and Will, and watched […]

about that abundance in the barn…

The white-haired man walked out to the barn, a spring in his step. He’d just come from church, still wearing his dress trousers and black wing-tip shoes. How he loved to see the dust from the chicken pen swirl over those black dress shoes, even though he knew it meant time polishing them for next […]